Empowering Students Every Day

Now that most schools have re-opened, many students are finding the transition back from online to in-person classes challenging. London Tutor can help advance your studies with In-person and Online Tutoring! We are currently meeting students at the Bostwick Library and, as always, we have a range of collaboration tools to give you instruction and feedback on your English, literature, history, Shakespeare, ESL and other assignments.

Attention University and College Students

Have a paper, project proposal or other assignment? I have experience teaching writing and English courses at the University level.

We can skype, share documents, or meet in person in London. I offer flexible hours and a commitment to excellence.

Personalized One-on-One Learning!

Primary Students and Struggling Readers
Every Child is a Reader!

Did you know that only 10 minutes of reading a day produces measurable improvment in reading skills? For a struggling reader, 10 minutes is a long time, but for a curious reader, it's not long enough. That's why we begin with what a child is curious or excited about. Curiosity paired with confidence is a winning mix. We build confidence by discovering and affirming what a child already knows. Then we can begin aquiring the appropriate new skills. We play word games and create stories and small books, and other engaging activities powered by your child's interests and learning style. And we find the books that fuel your child's curiosity!

Success Builds Success

Tutoring offers an environment that ensures "wins" for a child. Each session has at its heart a skill your child already has. Your child starts with an "I can" moment that sets him or her up for success. By changing "I can't" into "Yes, I can" we lay the foundation for confidence and self esteem. And that translates into learning!

Upper Primary and Secondary School Students
Writing: A How To Guide

Writing is a real life skill that can be learned with clear, practical strategies. From summaries to essays, school requires many kinds of writing. We work on HOW to begin, develop, and complete them. We develop concrete practices for how to brainstorm, plan an essay, write a topic sentence, make an argument, analyze evidence, or summarize material for a slide presentation. By emphasizing the how-to, we develop skills that students can apply to all their writing.

Reading: How to Make Sense of it All

Primary and secondary school students read a wide variety of material and it can be overwhelming. We develop reading strategies that help readers master a text. We learn how to pre-read, identify key words and main topics, summarize material, recognize literary devices, and more. By focusing on concrete reading processes, we learn how to break down complicated texts and understand them. That's reading power!

Success in a Second Language
Tutoring for ESL Students

ESL students face the added challenge of completing grade level work in a second language. This can be overwhelming. Therefore, we identify and target key grammatical structures that will improve their writing and we learn to build simple, grammatically correct sentences to express their ideas. With this foundation, students can quickly acquire more complex sentence structures and vocabulary. Furthermore, we work on reading skills, especially identifying the main idea, targeting new vocabulary, and summarizing and analyzing texts. By breaking down texts into manageable parts, students can read more efficiently and successfully.

Don't Stop Now! Make Progress Year Round

I develop reading, writing and research lesson plans so that students are not losing English writing and reading skills during a semester “off “ from English class or during the summer. Together, students and I design projects that meet their needs and spark their interest. Currently, I have students who are researching and writing newsletters and travel brochures, and reading and analyzing novels. Some students choose to pre-read materials for future courses. All these projects involve research, analysis, writing skills and fun!

London Tutor provides personal and online tutoring services in London, Ontario for primary, secondary and post-secondary/University students who need help with a range of academic subjects and with ESL. 

Each tutoring session is tailored to meet the student's individual goals. I help with homework, writing assignments, analysis of reading assignments, project proposals, and problem-solving strategies.

I take a flexible approach to locations: before the COVID-19 crisis, I typically met in one of London's Public Libraries or in the new Bostwick (now Startech.com) Community Centre.

Since the onset of the COVID19 crisis, I use online tutoring with a range of collaboration and video-conferencing tools to make sure everyone stays safe.

I am now meeting students again for in-person classes!

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