University/College Tutoring

College and university courses demand writing and reading strategies that are distinct from those you have mastered in secondary school. I have broad experience helping college and university students with papers, essays, project propsoals,and reading strategies. I have helped students navigate and complete assignments for a wide range of courses. Here in Canada, I have worked with students from the University of Toronto (via Skype), Western University and Athabasca University. For long distance students, Skype and document sharing provide a flexible and effective tutoring solution.

I have four years experience as an Adjunct Professor in the English Department and the Writing and Honors Programs at the University of Utah. In the Writing Program, I taught many first year college students and understand how overwhelming the transition to post-secondary work can be. I believe that working with clear and concrete reading and writing strategies builds the foundation for post-secondary success across the curriculum. In addition to first year introductory classes, I taught upper level English and humanities courses. In these courses, we worked on advanced essay writing and deeper textual analysis.











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